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Working To Cure Pediatric Brain Tumors

Kamen Brain Tumor Foundation is the leading nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the pediatric brain tumor community and providing treatment and a cure for brain cancer. We serve thousands of children and teenagers in the United States who are living with brain tumor diagnosis and offer educational resources, patient and family support, funded studies, donations, and much more for everyone.

At Kamen Brain Tumor Foundation, we engage with the brain tumor community to identify research studies and examine treatments of pediatric brain tumors. Our board and staff of the Kamen Brain Tumor Foundation are dedicated professionals who’re committed to curing children and teenagers with brain cancer. With experience in health nonprofit management and communications, our team serves a profound purpose in raising awareness and providing an effective cure.

Together, we work with families and communities to fight the deadliest form of children’s cancer and invest in lifesaving research. In 2016, we put together the First Annual Gala in New York City to fund pediatric brain tumor research. We plan on hosting more fun-filled events to raise awareness about brain tumors in children and raise funds for research and family support, such as a walk/run in your community or a children’s music event.

Kamen Brain Tumor Foundation will work with you to fight brain tumors and provide an effective, scientifically advanced treatment and cure for children and teens. We’re committed to making the world a brighter place for our children and investing in a cure for pediatric brain cancer today!

Here are the pediatric brain tumor facts:

  • More children die of pediatric brain tumors than any other form of cancer, surpassing leukemia.[1]

  • Brain and central nervous system tumors are the most commonly occurring solid tumor across all age groups 0 –14 years.1

  • There are about 28,000 children and teenagers living in the United States with primary brain or central nervous system tumors[2]

  • An estimated 4,600 more children will be diagnosed each year.[3]

The high death toll reveals a need to quickly find more effective treatment options and a cure for pediatric brain tumors.

The Kamen Brain Tumor Foundation would like to search for solutions to this formidable problem.  The Board of Directors consists of experts from the medical, business and legal communities.  They all share the same vision of combating children’s brain cancer and making the world a healthier and happier place. The foundation’s objectives are to find better and safer treatment options for brain tumors afflicting children. We are aware that there are other foundations for brain tumor research, yet we distinguish ourselves by our close contacts with not only medical experts in this field but also with our close connections to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies who are working on cutting edge research in the fields of immunotherapy and target gene therapy for this devastating disease.  It is the generosity of donors like you that will allow this foundation to drive the medical community toward cutting edge brain tumor research. Together, let’s make brain cancer an entity of the past!

Mazen and Jill Kamen
Founders of The Kamen Brain Tumor Foundation

[1] Ostrom, QT, de Blank, PM, et al. Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation Infant and Childhood Primary Brain and Central Nervous System Tumors Diagnosed in the United States in 2007‐2011. Neuro Oncol.  (2015) 16 (suppl 10):x1-x36.doi: 10.1093/neuonc/nou327
[2] Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States, 2015
[3] Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States, 2015

The Kamen Brain Tumor Foundation was recently featured on the following CNBC digital news website:

The world will be a better place, because I made a difference in the life of a child.

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Upcoming Events

The First Annual Gala held on Nov 16, 2016 was a huge success!
Visit the “Events” page to view videos and photos!